Sunday, July 21, 2013

♥The Bluegrass Harlot♥

..out came a woman dressed as a prostitute...with persuasive
words she led him astray...he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter.
Proverbs 7:10;21-22
{Gallery Post}

“Come over here”
  She said to him
  As the banjo music rang 

Three part harmony
Was heard
As old Ralph Stanley sang 
The room it smelled
Of cheap perfume
Unfiltered Camel smoke 
She grabbed him
By his striped neck tie
He thought that he would choke 
She pulled him down
Upon her breasts
He felt his urges rage 
Her red lipstick
Her coal black hair
Her face, its weathered age 
She said
“It’s now or never
 Come take me I am yours” 
But when
The bluegrass music stopped
He bolted out the door 
“This isn’t right and I must go”
  She heard him holler
“It’s time for me
  to take the stage..
  I bet you give rain checks!”

by theresa arnold

♥Train House♥

She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31: 27
{January's Heart 2013}
Dad died
Mom went crazy
Sold all we had
And bought a train

“Time to live
Let’s not be lazy
We’ll fix it up
I’m not insane”

The plumber came
He shook his head
Electrician laughed
It was funny

But dad left us
10 Million bucks
And mom
Had lots of money

People came
From far and near
They heard about
Our homestead

Mom even hired
A landscape guy
So we could have
A fine spread

A water garden in the back
And flowers in a row
She had them build a music stage
So we could have some shows

When our home was finished
The county turned out that day
We had a celebration
Around our house…….The Train.

And dad was looking at us
I’m sure he shook his head
“This woman I married was crazy
I’m glad that I am dead!”

by theresa arnold


♥The Road♥

...small is the gate and narrow the road
that leads to life...
Matthew 7:14
Gallery Post

I’ve walked the road
Walked many a mile
I’ve seen lots of things
Since I was a child
I’ve got caught up in this old life
It’s a wonder I’m not doin’ time. 


Walked the walk
Done my best
Now I’m tired it’s time to rest
I’m not sayin’
That I am old
I’m just too tired to walk down that road.

In this life
There’s lots of paths
The ones we choose
They tend to last
Make mistakes when we are young
But being young means havin’ fun.

Morning comes
And another day
What will I do?
What will I say?
I’m at the point that I don’t care
It doesn’t matter if life is fair.

by theresa Arnold


♥Rock Star Duck♥

Dear friends, let us love one another
because love comes from God.
1 John 4:7
{December's Heart 2012}
Oh, Rock Star Duck
I know you are

I Love You

Your music
Makes me
Hoola Dance
All night long

Oh, Rock Star Duck
Be Mine Forever.

Hoola Hanna Honna

by theresa arnold

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

♥If Your Walls Could Talk♥

Whatever is, has already been
and what will be has been before; and

God will call the past to account.
Ecclesiastes 3:15
Gallery Post
                                                                               How many times
Did you hear laughter
From deep inside your walls? 
What kind of food
Did people eat
In your kitchen? 
Were tears shed
Upon hearing of bad news
From neighbors
Or after the funeral of
A loved one? 
Did anyone play
A fiddle or banjo
On your front steps
As someone danced
A jig? 
Did anyone drink
Moonshine or dip snuff
Around a wood stove
In the winter time? 
Did anyone learn of
Pearl Harbor or
Kennedy’s assassination
Or some other historical
Event while sitting on a
Flower print couch
And reading the
Was there electricity?
Running water?
A phone perhaps? 
Was there a family Bible
Sitting on the coffee table
With written recorded dates
Of marriages and births? 
If ONLY your walls could talk?
by theresa arnold

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Friday, July 19, 2013

♥Pablo Mora and Me♥

There is a time for everthing, and a season for every
activity under heaven, a time to be born and a time to
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
Gallery Post
Driving home from work one day
It was November 5th
We gained an hour Sunday morn
The time had changed again

The sunset looked so beautiful
I took a different route
I headed West to cross the dam
I got my camera out

"Goat Rodeo" was playing
An awesome classic song
I turned it up, I was alone
The road I traveled long

I stopped my car, its motor on
The middle of the road
A hundred pictures taken
As the sun was sinking low

I only had mere minutes
Before the hues were done
Receiving flowers from Heaven
From God's majestic sun

But little did I know it
On the other side of the dam
Underneath the sunset
A solitary man

He did not see God's beauty
He did not hear the wind
Because a few weeks earlier
His life he chose to end

Someone found him in a tree
November seventeen
He had been hanging from a rope
For many autumn weeks

Under that same sunset
A Texas November dusk
A heart was crying, thanking God
Another had turned to dust.

by theresa arnold
*this picture was taken on November 5th, 2012 on the South side of Lake Ray Roberts dam. It is a true story and this IS the sunset for that day.  

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

♥The Wedding Bridge♥

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth....for your love is more delightful than wine.
Song of Songs 1:2
{November 2012's Heart}

                                                                                                        I will meet you
On the bridge
In the forest
Over a running stream. 

I’ll be the one
Wearing white
With flowers in my hair. 

Cream color chiffon
Will cover the railing
As a multitude of
Fragrant flowers
Cascade like
Mini waterfalls
Touching the ground. 

An archway will wait
For two hearts
To come together.. 
Surrounded by
Loved ones waiting
To share this sacred moment.

As I walk along the river’s path
I will gaze into your eyes
And know that I have found

I will whisper
“I Love You”
As I seal our union with
A Kiss 


The Wedding Bridge.

by theresa arnold

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♥Good Friends♥

A friend loves at all times
Proverbs 17:17a
{October 2012's Heart}


                                                                                    When did life
Get so complicated?
What day was it?
I want to ride
A time machine
Back to THAT day
And tell myself
Everything will be OK
As long as you have
A couple of
by theresa arnold

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Yonder Hearts Story

Yonder Hearts encompasses three different projects in one...a trinity if you will.

Project One: The Book
Project Two: The Postcards
Project Three: The Galleries

I call myself a "poemographer" because I am NOT a photographer. I am mainly a writer of sorts...songs, short stories, poems, quotes (quotes from other folks and not from my limited so called wisdom or knowledge). I take pictures.....thousands of pictures. In order for the photos to become Yonder Hearts worthy, they must inspire me to write a poem or anecdote and they also have to have a scripture verse or inspirational quote attached to them. Picture/Poem/Quote or Verse.....These pictures become a part of my Yonder Hearts book and then from there they become part of a postcard that is sent out to a select group of people each month and/or they become part of the pictures that are featured in local galleries.

The main purpose of Yonder Hearts is for inspiration and encouragement. The writing below is in reference to the Postcard part of Yonder Hearts project.

It is truly a blessing to see the world through the lens of a camera and get inspiration to write about what is seen.

One person's view of their surroundings.

It is that simple. Maybe, it can inspire ONE heart out there in this big old world of ours.


Project Two: The Postcards

One picture post card is sent each month.
One scripture verse is included.
One "atta"girl/"atta"boy is given.

One heart given to another.

What is this project all about? Several friends and relatives have been selected to  receive a picture postcard each month from me. The letter below is what each person receives upon the initial mailing. It explains the purpose of the "Yonder Hearts" project. Mainly, the purpose is to give a heart/share a heart with another. It is pretty simple really.

The Letter:

Dear (fill in blank),

A project has been created.

I love to take pictures and write songs, poems, short stories, lists, quotes, etc. and I thank God for creating me this way.

I have chosen a handful of friends and family to share this love that I can no longer contain by creating an outlet called “Yonder Hearts”.

Once a month, I will mail out an old fashioned postcard made from a picture that I have taken. When you receive it in the old fashioned snail mail, it will probably be bent, stamped on, scratched, possibly torn, but I think you will still be able to recognize the photo subject. This is representative of how HEARTS are or can be run through the POSTAL SYSTEM of life on occasion! Despite the trials and tribulations of this world, the heart seems to always remain. Sometimes it might end up in the dead letter office a time or two, but it still exists.

On the back of the picture I will have the title of the picture, a scripture verse or quote, and an encouraging word for you (I call these attaboy/attagirl words).

As an added bonus (if you have access to the internet) you can go to and check out the correlating poem to the photo. 

This is my way of sharing my heart with others. Hopefully, it will multiply love in your lives so that you can share it with the people that surround you each day.

A few basic instructions to this Yonder Hearts project:

1. Receive your photo in the mail
2. Use the magnetic clip to place on any metal surface (preferably one you look at a few times a month)
3. Think of ONE person you love and say a prayer or blessing for them
4. Check out the website for the POEM
5. Replace old photo with new photo each month.
6. Take old photo and give to ONE person that needs a life lift or you can send a photo that you take yourself in the same old fashioned way. In America, it takes a 32 cent stamp.

The last step is optional, but it is the only way that this HEART project can be passed over YONDER thus making YONDER HEARTS abound. Another way to pass on the HEART is to simply pray or remember a special someone upon receipt of your photo.

Thank you for being a special someone in my life and it is my joy to share Yonder Hearts with you. If you do not want to be a part of this, let me know and I will graciously thank you for letting me share this initial picture with you.

Oh, by the way, this is your friend and/or relative Theresa Arnold!! LOL