Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yonder Hearts Story

Yonder Hearts encompasses three different projects in one...a trinity if you will.

Project One: The Book
Project Two: The Postcards
Project Three: The Galleries

I call myself a "poemographer" because I am NOT a photographer. I am mainly a writer of sorts...songs, short stories, poems, quotes (quotes from other folks and not from my limited so called wisdom or knowledge). I take pictures.....thousands of pictures. In order for the photos to become Yonder Hearts worthy, they must inspire me to write a poem or anecdote and they also have to have a scripture verse or inspirational quote attached to them. Picture/Poem/Quote or Verse.....These pictures become a part of my Yonder Hearts book and then from there they become part of a postcard that is sent out to a select group of people each month and/or they become part of the pictures that are featured in local galleries.

The main purpose of Yonder Hearts is for inspiration and encouragement. The writing below is in reference to the Postcard part of Yonder Hearts project.

It is truly a blessing to see the world through the lens of a camera and get inspiration to write about what is seen.

One person's view of their surroundings.

It is that simple. Maybe, it can inspire ONE heart out there in this big old world of ours.


Project Two: The Postcards

One picture post card is sent each month.
One scripture verse is included.
One "atta"girl/"atta"boy is given.

One heart given to another.

What is this project all about? Several friends and relatives have been selected to  receive a picture postcard each month from me. The letter below is what each person receives upon the initial mailing. It explains the purpose of the "Yonder Hearts" project. Mainly, the purpose is to give a heart/share a heart with another. It is pretty simple really.

The Letter:

Dear (fill in blank),

A project has been created.

I love to take pictures and write songs, poems, short stories, lists, quotes, etc. and I thank God for creating me this way.

I have chosen a handful of friends and family to share this love that I can no longer contain by creating an outlet called “Yonder Hearts”.

Once a month, I will mail out an old fashioned postcard made from a picture that I have taken. When you receive it in the old fashioned snail mail, it will probably be bent, stamped on, scratched, possibly torn, but I think you will still be able to recognize the photo subject. This is representative of how HEARTS are or can be run through the POSTAL SYSTEM of life on occasion! Despite the trials and tribulations of this world, the heart seems to always remain. Sometimes it might end up in the dead letter office a time or two, but it still exists.

On the back of the picture I will have the title of the picture, a scripture verse or quote, and an encouraging word for you (I call these attaboy/attagirl words).

As an added bonus (if you have access to the internet) you can go to and check out the correlating poem to the photo. 

This is my way of sharing my heart with others. Hopefully, it will multiply love in your lives so that you can share it with the people that surround you each day.

A few basic instructions to this Yonder Hearts project:

1. Receive your photo in the mail
2. Use the magnetic clip to place on any metal surface (preferably one you look at a few times a month)
3. Think of ONE person you love and say a prayer or blessing for them
4. Check out the website for the POEM
5. Replace old photo with new photo each month.
6. Take old photo and give to ONE person that needs a life lift or you can send a photo that you take yourself in the same old fashioned way. In America, it takes a 32 cent stamp.

The last step is optional, but it is the only way that this HEART project can be passed over YONDER thus making YONDER HEARTS abound. Another way to pass on the HEART is to simply pray or remember a special someone upon receipt of your photo.

Thank you for being a special someone in my life and it is my joy to share Yonder Hearts with you. If you do not want to be a part of this, let me know and I will graciously thank you for letting me share this initial picture with you.

Oh, by the way, this is your friend and/or relative Theresa Arnold!! LOL


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