Saturday, July 20, 2013

♥If Your Walls Could Talk♥

Whatever is, has already been
and what will be has been before; and

God will call the past to account.
Ecclesiastes 3:15
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                                                                               How many times
Did you hear laughter
From deep inside your walls? 
What kind of food
Did people eat
In your kitchen? 
Were tears shed
Upon hearing of bad news
From neighbors
Or after the funeral of
A loved one? 
Did anyone play
A fiddle or banjo
On your front steps
As someone danced
A jig? 
Did anyone drink
Moonshine or dip snuff
Around a wood stove
In the winter time? 
Did anyone learn of
Pearl Harbor or
Kennedy’s assassination
Or some other historical
Event while sitting on a
Flower print couch
And reading the
Was there electricity?
Running water?
A phone perhaps? 
Was there a family Bible
Sitting on the coffee table
With written recorded dates
Of marriages and births? 
If ONLY your walls could talk?
by theresa arnold

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